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What is Odoo?

Odoo is a complete, integrated and customizable Resource Planning (ERP) System for business management. Odoo integrates CRM, Sales, Project Management, Manufacturing, Inventory Management, Accounting, HR Management, Marketing Activities, Customer Support Tools and other business applications in a single software solution.

Odoo is an Open Source business application suite that meets the needs of companies of all sizes and budgets in all industries. Odoo has a business application for almost every business need.

Odoo ERP
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Odoo ERP: Manage your entire business in one place

With Odoo you have the possibility to manage all business processes in one place, whether we are talking about accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory, production or human resources. Each Odoo module is designed to seamlessly integrate with the others, giving you a panoramic view of your entire business, in real time. With Odoo ERP, the complexity of managing a business is simplified, efficiency is improved, and productivity is maximized.

Odoo boasts unprecedented integration between its modules, covering all aspects of a business. From CRM and Sales, to project management and human resource (HR) management, each module works together in a cohesive and powerful system. In addition, Odoo offers flexibility and adaptability to suit the specific needs of your business, offering the ability to customize and extend functionality with other applications through a powerful API.

With Odoo you ensure that you have all the necessary tools to grow and develop in a dynamic and competitive business environment. Aerya is more than an implementer, it is a trusted partner that helps you achieve your goals with Odoo. We help you automate processes and you can focus on what really matters: The growth and success of your business.

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Solutions for every business need

Odoo is a complete package of business applications that offers solutions for any business need you may have. All the needs and complex requirements of the business can be managed and developed and fulfilled by us. Aerya offers maximum optimization and improved productivity to your business.

As a Odoo partner, we are here to help you transform and grow your business with our customized solutions. We strive to deeply understand your specific business requirements, providing support and advice to ensure you get all the benefits Odoo has to offer.

Why choose Odoo for your business?

Highly competitive prices

Being an Open-Source software, Odoo is an accessible business management software for any SME.

Compared to other ERP solutions, Odoo is 10 times cheaper!

You only pay for users and all applications are free!

Modern and easy to use software

Odoo software stands out for its modernity and ease of use, offering a friendly, intuitive interface adapted to the specific needs of each business.

With a clean design and easy-to-understand features, Odoo makes managing various aspects of your business a simple and efficient process. What's more, it offers the ability to customize and adapt software modules to match exactly what you need, so you can optimize and automate business processes with minimal effort.

Any requirement can be fulfilled

There are no limits to adapting to your business needs. You can customize your workflows, add or remove functionality, and integrate other software systems you already use

We, as an Official Odoo Partner, are able to develop specific additional modules to meet any unique requirement on that your business can have

Odoo vs. the rest: Analyzing the differences between ERP

Why is Odoo the favorite ERP for business management?

Odoo is the cheapest ERP on the market. Compared to other solutions, Odoo can be 10 times cheaper! Odoo is an open-source ERP system, which means that there are no expensive licensing costs involved in the Odoo Community version. In the Enterprise version, the costs are very cheap compared to other ERP solutions.

In addition, Odoo offers a series of very well developed modules and, in many cases, there is no need to make complex developments to meet the needs of your business.

Comparison of the most popular ERPs

Oracle Netsuite ERP

ERP Netsuite

$125/ Month / User

  • 25000 clients
  • 300 apps in SuiteApp
  • Limited customization
  • Yearly payment


$20/ Month / User

  • More than 5M users
  • 25000+ apps in Odoo App Store
  • Highly Customizable
  • Monthly or yearly payment
Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP

Dynamics 365

$120/ Month / User

  • 4M+ clients
  • Integrated with Microsoft Office Suite
  • Limited Customization
  • Yearly payment

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