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Search engine optimization (SEO) is part of our essence. We have the expertise, knowledge and team necessary to increase organic visibility in search engines for any type of SEO project.

Initial Analysis

  • Keyword Research

  • Architecture

  • Technical Audit

  • Consultancy

  • Strategy

SEO On Page

  • Optimization

  • Interlinking

  • Indexation

  • Contents

  • Core Web Vitals

SEO Off Page

  • Backlinks Audit

  • Link Building

  • Link Baiting

  • Google Reputation

  • Off Page Strategy


  • Migrations

  • International SEO

  • Local SEO

  • SEO for Ecommerce

  • SEO for B2B


  • WordPress

  • Prestashop

  • Shopify

  • Magento

  • Odoo

Statistici SEO

Why choose our SEO marketing agency?

Discover the number 1 SEO agency in Romania! Supported by dedicated experts and our own methodology, we ensure that your website benefits from the most efficient SEO optimization.

As an SEO agency, we offer complete services: on-page optimization, content adaptation, link building strategies. We operate without borders, be it local or international SEO. Regardless of the platform - WordPress, Prestashop, Shopify or custom like Odoo - we deliver high-quality SEO services.

SEO Optimization

Do you want to increase your income? You are in the right place! We have collaborated with hundreds of companies that have reached the front page.

We collaborate with various sites, from service businesses to ecommerce with thousands of products.

We are an experienced SEO company. We offer a wide range of services in Digital Marketing: SEO, SEM, SEO audit, migrations, web development, design and many others.

Our SEO methodology to dominate the SERPs

Discover the mechanics of our SEO methodology, validated by concrete results. Success lies in the structured approach to each aspect of SEO and the monitoring of metrics in real time. We see online positioning as a cyclical process, always evolving, which requires technical and content adjustments. We have to be agile in front of the new Google algorithms, competitor actions and changes in the industry, in order to align the SEO plan with the dynamics of your business.

SEO Optimization

We want to be your SEO Marketing company

At Aerya we work with clients from anywhere. From SEO and technical consulting, to the creation of content that brings customers and sales.

What differentiates us from other SEO optimization agencies is that our services are carried out from the perspective of a business owner and we seek the maximum possible sales for clients.

We don't have a "secret recipe". Our strategies are based on data and analysis. We have the experience and the technology to show you what works and what doesn't!

Discover our SEO agency

Our SEO campaigns generate great results

Our SEO services will help you get the traffic you want.

Our numbers don't lie

We have the highest success rate in SEO projects. All our clients are very satisfied with the results obtained.

The SEO company that does not abandon you

We will be there to help you reach your customers in the shortest possible time.


What is SEO and why is it useful?

The acronym SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization (Optimization for search engines) and is a discipline that includes all the techniques and actions necessary to improve the quality of a website and make it appear on the highest positions in search engines.< /p>

What is and what does an SEO agency do?

An SEO agency or web positioning agency is a company dedicated to making its clients' websites appear in the first positions of search engines. To achieve this, you will have in-depth knowledge of how search engines work and extensive experience in influencing their results.

Do I need to hire an SEO agency or can I do it myself?

Designing and implementing a results-focused SEO strategy is not easy. You need to know in depth how search engines like Google work, while gaining proven experience in positioning all types of online projects. For this reason, we always recommend you to trust an SEO agency to position your web pages.

How much does the SEO positioning service cost?

All SEO service prices offered by Aerya IT Solutions are completely customized for each client. We appreciate both the needs and aspirations of the web project, as well as the hours dedicated to our technical team. Ask us for a customized SEO budget!

What can I do to improve my website's SEO?

Many things! While we work on-page and off-page to improve your site for SEO, you can generate new content through products, services or blog posts, and we will make sure everything is focused on always getting the best positioners.

Do you do SEO only on Google?

No. Even though Google is the most used search engine in the world, we make sure that your project is indexed and appears in the first positions of other search engines, be it Bing, Yahoo!, Yandex, Duckduckgo, among others.

How long will it take to appear in the first positions on Google?

To appear in the first positions in Google, the situation will depend on the specifics of the project: the current state of SEO, the field of the project, the competence you have, etc. However, if you want an SEO strategy to start having an effect, in most cases a minimum period of 6 months must pass.

What guarantees do I have that I will get SEO results?

In our SEO agency Aerya IT Solutions we have a large number of satisfied clients, for whom we have implemented SEO strategies that have taken them to the top of Google, where the traffic received from search engines has become a fundamental channel for the strategy their global marketing. This is our best guarantee.

With which CMS can SEO be positioned?

In our web positioning agency we work with all kinds of CMS, from custom websites to systems such as WordPress, Prestashop, Shopify, Drupal, Laravel, Odoo... Our SEO strategies will adapt 100 % to your site and will strengthen its strengths.

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